API software development kits to ease client application development

Mendeley offers Software Development Kits (SDKs) to help developers work with the API. We recommend using the SDK if one is available for your target language or platform. Using an SDK frees you from having to write, test and maintain code. In the future, your application will automatically benefit from improvements and additions to the SDKs. You do not have to write functions to support authorization or network connections, and the relationship between data objects is maintained by the SDK.


The Python SDK manages authorization, connections, resource collections and pagination within a single access point. The Python package can easily be installed using pip.

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The JavaScript SDK is a convenient library for accessing the Mendeley API. The SDK is available as an AMD module or a standalone library. This is in early stages of development and is subject to changes.

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Each Mendeley API SDK is slightly different. The SDKs address the needs of developers on each platform and may prioritize particular resources. Each SDK is a good citizen on it's platform and delivers features, including installation, licensing, documentation and integration in a way that meets platform expectations.

More SDKs are coming soon. If your language isn't supported, you can still easily work with the API through ubiquitous network and data protocols. See How it works for an overview of the technologies involved.