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Mendeley's DataTEL Data Set

Mendeley has taken up the DataTEL challenge in order to provide recommendation system researchers with valuable data on users and their relationship with scientific literature.

Mendeley has and continues to build a strong user community of researchers who benefit from both its desktop and web-based software. In building its community, Mendeley has recorded a considerable amount of data that can be analyzed in order to support researchers to do better research.

One key area in which researchers are helped is by providing them with recommendations on research articles that they have not yet encountered but would be interested in. Recommendation system research, while being well studied in some domains, such as motion pictures, lacks the kind of scientific data sets that Mendeley has been building.

This particular data set includes usage data from more than 4.8M research papers selected from a sample size of 50K active users. It is described in full in the accompanying paper 'Mendeley's Reply to the DataTEL Challenge'. The data set has been made anonymous to protect user privacy and can only be used for non-commercial scientific purposes.

To obtain this data set, please write to and include the following information. The approval process is fairly easy, but we do require this information in case we need to contact you. All points are required:

  • Your name and any other colleagues working with the dataset.
  • Institutional affiliation
  • Address information where we can contact you.
  • A phone number where we may reach you.

Terms and Conditions

By downloading the Mendeley DataTel dataset ("Dataset") you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions with ("Mendeley"):

  1. We allow you to download the Dataset for non-commercial purposes only in a non-exclusive and non-transferable license.
  2. By proceeding to download the Dataset you agree to never redistribute the Dataset without prior approval from Mendeley.
  3. You agree not to make any attempt at guessing, brute-forcing, or otherwise algorithmically reconstructing personally identifiable information. If you happen to obtain any personal information, by any means, then you agree to immediately report this to Mendeley and keep such information confidential.
  4. You agree, that at any time, Mendeley may request that any digital or hard copies of the Dataset be destroyed within 30 days of the request.
  5. You acknowledge that we can store your address information, such as IP address, and may request further contact information.
  6. You agree not to make any alterations to the Dataset and then redistribute it in any manner.
  7. You agree to cite the accompanying paper in any publication resulting from research using the Dataset.

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